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SPH with Particle Boundary Handling (12,000 Fluid Particles)

MBO T800.1 Automated Buckle Folder running a common sig at the MBO Open House for a packed crowd

The T800.1 Automated Buckle Folder shows off to a packed crowd at the 2019 MBO Open House in Germany. This particular video highlights the RFE sheet return device built into the third folding unit. You can see how the U-Shaped working environment keeps the operator very close to all the action. This smaller work space creates less fatigue during the work day allowing a higher production rate on the machine. The Vertical stacker at the end of the process also is a step up in delivery units. The slow built rate of the SBAP stacker further builds in dwell time for the operator allowing them to load the machine and make quality checks when needed. Another unique machine configuration for the T800.1 proving it to be a winner in productivity!

MBO's T800.1 Automated Buckle Folder running a 16 page signature at 12,000 sph!

This video is a test run showing MBO's T800.1 Automated Buckle Folder. The machine is set up to run 16 page signatures into an automated stacker. The key to this demo is that the machine is running 12,000 sph with only 1 person and not over-running the person, primarily due to the use of an automated stacker. An automated stacker builds in dwell time for the operator allowing them to load the machine, make quality checks and tend to normal duties and be confident that the stacks are being made without need for intervention. Without the delivery set up in this fashion the operator will be forced to slow down production to tend frequently to the delivery area. This is a reminder to all to think through the entire process for best results!!




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