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Sony MDR XB55AP Earphones Review - Worth the Hype?

Sony MDR XB55AP wired earphones review these are sort of mid-range earphones from Sony with an integrated mic it has a 12mm driver and I give you an idea how they sound and what do I feel about these Sony earphones in this review.

I purchased the Sony Earphones from Amazon India

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Sony MDR XB 75 AP Review: After 2 years.

I have been using this Sony MDR XB 75 AP for the last 2 years. So this video is a review video of this Sony 75 Ap after my 2 years of use. This is a premium earphone and I have explained everything in detail. Since 75 Ap is priced slightly higher than 55 Ap, so it’s needless to say that 75 AP is a better earphone than 55 AP.
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