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HTTPS vs HTTP vs SSL / TLS. This video explains the difference between these protocols. It also explains how SSL works and what is an SSL certificate.

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michael marshall : Is TLS the same port as SSH?
N R SELVA SHEREN - : This man says that http is unsecured but still provides a link to a website which is not secured in the description...
By the way good video.
farming simutaior guy : old but good
Markinpuff : Does VPN work with or supersede SSL?
Bharat Gurung : Great! but why 'http' on the link you provided down below? Is it vulnerable ?
Pilgrim : I got all what you’ve explained. Thank you very much.
James Talbot : Brilliant explanation and visuals! I've finally got my head around this topic - thank you.
Smanwing Yanola : 2499
Ayush Koul : How does https encrypt the data. Couldn't the hacker hack it if he had the encryption key?
Anyanwu Ọnwa : 500th comment

How SSL certificate works?

When we are online shopping or banking, we want to make sure it is HTTPS, and a green padlock icon is in the address bar. What does HTTPS mean? What is significant about that small green padlock? To answer these two questions, we need to understand SSL certificate and how it works.

Playlist: Advanced Cryptography/Public Key Infrastructure\u0026list=PLSNNzog5eydtwsdT__t5WtRgvpfMzpTc7

Playlist: Basic Cryptography\u0026list=PLSNNzog5eyduN6o4e6AKFHekbH5-37BdV

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Sunny Classroom
Daniel Cory : I subscribed to your channel, great video! (btw I love how you pronounce H-ah-tttps) I love the accent!
Yupeng Su : Great! I have been puzzled by how client authenticate the received cert where is the location of CA, yours video give me the answer!~ Thanks!
Febin Shaji : You can get a Free SSL certificate for your new websites and Blogs. This is a free plan provided by Cloudflare and you can upgrade your certificate as your site grows
Pranjali Soni : Superb explanation. Now I've understood how ssl works
Vijay Gupta : Superb
Peng Hou : Make complex things simple! The best explanation I've ever seen! Well done, Sunny!
Ashutosh Singh : Great demo, thanks
Rajesh George : very good explantion thanks
Sonu Jalwal : great explaination. please make a video on how to upgrade SSL certificate in domain environment and using ADFS and using 3rd party diticert utility
Yan Tsui : Great for people who are not fluent in English! The animation and colour-decisions make this visualisation easily remembered. I'll always imagine these graphics when I am thinking about SSL/CA now. haha Thank you

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Joey Newton : Happy for you!
Chinmoy Roy : Sophisticated lady back on its track.
David Graves : Looks like someone got married? congratulations
Russ Mason : Very good to see you sailing again and with all of your good friends. :)
Warren Powers : Rick: New Tow Rope For The Dingy ! Remember? Keep vigilant. REALLY thank you for this video. Sat here at a bit after 2AM Monday watching as I do CAD / work / designing. Thank you again. Maddy! God must be really happy with you, what a talented individual and so easy on the eyes.
Oliver Krahn : A human without dreams is like a boat without a sail! All time - beautiful time!
Bill Flying : Great job RICK, congrats!
Jim Marshall : Did you consider leaving a cement building block attached to an inflatable to mark your spot before moving? You knew you'd be back. Great episode and love the baby.
JoeVSvolcano : Woah, now that's a Raymarine plug...
Not complaining but you may have shared a little too much at @7:59 ;-)
Now that's something we all can say cheers too...
Want2b Sailing : Glad to see you back on the water rick . i got to hand it to you for keeping your cool . it looked maybe a little Kaotic for a while. cheers to you captian.




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