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LTE-A Explained: Secrets of super fast mobile internet

We all want/need faster mobile Internet. These days, fast mobile connectivity goes by the name LTE, but soon a new technology called LTE - Advanced will become mainstream. What is LTE-A? How does it work? And how will it change the way we use our smartphones? We break it down for you in our first Explainer video.


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Illustrator: Chay Lazaro
Animator \u0026 Video Editor: Miko Migriño
Script Editing: Monch Lopez
Writer \u0026 Producer: Michael Josh Villanueva

The evolution of LTE-Advanced: LTE-Advanced Pro

The LTE-Advanced enhancements, which are currently undergoing standardization in 3GPP in Release 13 and subsequent releases, mark a truly giant leap forward for 4G. Watch the video to see these further enhancements that will not only benefit smartphone users, but also enable a host of new use cases, from connectivity for the Internet of Things to public safety.

SKT LTE-A Device On/Off motion

LTE-A. Boot Animation
Client: SK telecom
Planning: Plus X
Director: Huh Seungwon
Design \u0026 Motion: Han Areum
Sound Design: Han Seungwon




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